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Things you need to know while you wear a suit.

By 23 October, 2019 UrbanNews No Comments
suit errors
suit errors

The suit is probably the most fabulous garment a man can use, but you need to be careful using it the right way to look as good as you want. In this post we will help you to avoid suit errors, so you can still give a good and elegant impression.

  • Tie 

Probably this will be the centerpiece of the look, that’s why you need to be really careful you choose the best option.

  • Size: you should never use a tie that is narrower that the suits flap. If you use a narrow your shoulders will look to be really separated from each other.
  • Height: a tie always needs to fall over your waist, neither shorter nor longer. This is the perfect size.
  • Color: you have two options, choose a color that makes a huge contrast or use a similar color than the suits color. If you go for a different color you need to be sure that it isn’t overload because if it is, it mostly won´t  match. 
  • Shirt

Usually it´s one of the garments you pay less attention when you use a suit, but we confirm you that you should. Choose the perfect size, not big nor small. The sleeves should size until the wrist that way they will barely show from the coat. 

  • Pay attention to the sizes!

The pants that look like a potato bag won´t give you the elegance you´re looking for, but also think about you aren’t looking for some shorts so beware of taking a smaller size. 

  • Cleanness and ironing

This is the most vital tip that we can give you. A spot is one of the most common errors while using suit. Remember to take it to the dry-cleaning place often. Not only for visible spots, but also to eliminate odors and maybe some dirtiness you can barely see.  

Things you should see before using a suit:

  • Shoulders and back swelling, sometimes shoulders and the low back part comes with small threads that avoid it to wrinkle at the store, please eliminate those threads!
  • The label placed in the fist, many brands swell the labels to the fist, so the clients can see the prices information much easier. Remember you need to remove it. 
  • Pockets, unscrew them, give them the opportunity to accomplish their mission. Remember that if you overload them you can destroy them and it will ruin your garment. 

Now you know, remember these tips and you will stop making fashion crimes with suit errors.