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Clean white sneakers without damaging them.

By 16 October, 2019 UrbanNews No Comments
white sneakers
white sneakers

White sneakers are a basic element we all have in our closet, that we use frequently since, besides being comfortable, they go with everything you wear. The white being, it becomes easier to leave and making them look dirty and old. In this post, we will talk about how we can remove those spots at home without damaging the white sneakers. 

To clean the white sneakers you will need:

  • Liquid soap
  • Old toothbrush
  • White color toothpaste 
  • Cotton balls 

Eliminate the spot.

The first thing we´re going to do is to remove the superficial spots, those that are easier to eliminate. Take you toothbrush, get it wet and add some liquid soap on it. Rub with the brush in all the shoe until you notice the spots are vanishing. If you think it’s necessary, repeat the process until you feel satisfied.

Bring back the color to your white sneakers.

Once the noticeable spots are gone, is time to give your white sneaker its color again. As we all know, toothpaste has whiting effects in the teeth that make them look white and brilliant. The same effect happens in shoes. Rise out the brush, spread the toothpaste all over the shoe (you only need a little, so don’t over do it) and, once again, start to rub. Don’t forget rubbing the stitched areas, those are the once that keep dirt.

Remove the toothpaste excess. 

When you consider it’s enough, wipe the toothpaste excess. You will see the results are incredible. After removing the toothpaste, pass over a wet cotton to make sure all the excess is gone. Put the shoes in a safe place and wait for them to completely dry. This is an important step, you must wait for it to take effect. 

Ready to wear.

Now the sneakers are dry. Tie the shoelaces and get ready to wear your clean and white sneakers. 

Amazing isn’t it? If you find this useful share your sneakers with us via instagram!! If you prefer a professional cleaning, bring your sneakers to our store 25757 Westheimer Pkwy, ste 140 phone: (281) 665-3166. Remember that also in UrbanDryClean we count with repairing services for any type of footwear and we would be happy to help you.