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How to clean your mattress sweat spots?

By 19 September, 2019 UrbanNews No Comments
Clean your Mattress
Clean your Mattress

The beautiful summer times leave us more than great memories but also magical warm nights. Prove of it? The sweat spots, but don’t panic because in this post you will find the perfect solution to clean your mattress spots.

  1. Vinegar, your best friend to clean your mattress:

Vinegar is placed as one of the top 5 cleaning products you have at the kitchen, and in this case, it will be the first one we will use. In a spray bottle, place the white vinegar and apply it to the sweat spot, and if it’s possible, to the rest of the mattress surface. 

  1. Combine with baking soda:

Baking soda is proved to be really effective in many cleaning tasks because of its bleaching effect as well as removing odors and this, won’t be an exception.  Sprinkle the baking soda at top of the vinegar and let it sit. You will notice that has an effervescent effect, don’t worry that means that it´s working.  

  1. Clean the mix:

Finally clean the baking soda. Since this product is a powder, is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the mix residues.  

In case the sweat spot still there you need to repeat the process, this is a really effective way to do it. We recommend you to clean in the whole the surface for you to get better results but remember that this is a simple tip, if what you are looking for better results in UrbanDryClean we count with professional cleaning that will help you solve this problem, not only because we clean the spot, but also because we sanitize it and exterminate those microorganisms inside it that you cannot see that cause different diseases and allergies. 

 Was it helpful? Share your mattress before and after pictures with us! @urbandryclean