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How to give a second life to your old couch

By 10 September, 2019 UrbanNews No Comments
old couch
old couch

Time flies isn’t it? And not only for us, but also for our furniture, and our old couch agree with this. But how hard is to get rid of our furtniture. Now you won´t have to do it and even we will give it a new makeover. 

Fill the cushions

If the problem is the cushions flatness, you can always fill them with down and fibers or you can even replace it for foam. 

Change the old couch´s structure

Sometimes the couch´s problem comes from its structure, if this is the case you need to analyze if you agree to the complicated process or you get a new one. 


There are different factors that ruin your tapestry turning it into an old couch.

We have a list of different solutions for this issue:

1.  If you check our lasts posts you would find some cleaning tips you could use.

2.  If you are looking for better results you can call a professional to sanitize it and cleaning it. You will see your tapestry like new.

3.  If you see that your tapestry needs something even harder than a professional you should think of changing it with a upholsterer´s help. 

After getting to know the different options you have, you need to ask yourself if you are willing of the inversion you would make with your old couch´s restoration, compare it with the price of a new couch and decide which is your best option.