Convenient prepayment

Convenient Prepayment

$ 20.00

It is very quick and easy!!

You make the payment on account and we come to your home. There we will calcualte all of the services (dry cleaning, cleaning, etc.) you require. We will deduct the prepaid amount to the final price of the service  See Service Fees


1. You make the payment online.
2. We come to your home.
3. We calculate all of the services (dry cleaning, Urban Kids, etc.) you require and we charge you for them in situ, upon your previous acceptance.
4. We deduct the prepayment made to the total cost.
5. If the service requires it, we collect the material and get to work in our stores. In case we have to do it in your home, we will tell you the date and execution time of the service.
6. We send you the material back clean, sanitized, ironed, etc. according to the specifications of the hired service.