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Remove makeup stains from your clothes.

By 2 October, 2019 UrbanNews No Comments
manchas de maquillaje
manchas de maquillaje

For a long time, makeup is part of people’s lives. Since the ancient Egyptians they made their “makeup”  with red fruits juice for the lips and galena for the black eyeliner. Today, makeup is still part of the daily life of many women. If you are one of these, you know is also very difficult to remove makeup stains on clothes. We understand what it is and that is why we want to give you these tips so that makeup does not become a problem for you!

Remove makeup stains:

  • Liquid foundation.

If the stain was made by liquid base we will use shaving cream. Take cream in your hand, spread on the stain and carefully rub. You can combine the cream with a little alcohol to have a powerful effect. When the stain disappears wash as you normally would.

  • Powder.

The blush, powder foundation, highlighter and shadows, are examples of powder makeup. The most important thing you should do is keep calm. Do not try to shake off the powder, remember that this has color and if you spread it you can make the stain worse. Make a mixture of white vinegar and water and apply it on the stain. Let it take effect and wash.

  • Mascara and Eyeliner. 

These spots are the ones that seem most alarming since they are black but don’t worry they are easier than they seem. Use a dishwashing detergent diluted with a little water and with the help of a brush, rub in circular movements by removing excesses with a paper towel. Once the stain is removed, wash with cold water and let dry.

  • Lipstick.

Remove excess lipstick with a butter spread knife. With a cloth dampened with alcohol and water, try to clean the stain very carefully. Once all the excess has been removed, it is time to remove the spot that is impregnated in the garment. Apply liquid detergent and leave for 10 minutes, with two fingers or an old brush rub very well. When the stain comes out wash and you´re done! 

If the stain persists, do not panic we can help you! In UrbanDyClean we have professional laundry and staining services. If any of these tips were useful, share your photos with us!